How It Works

Mudbandz combine the tough, water-shedding properties of closed-cell neoprene with ultra-thin, elastic TPE (similar to yoga band material) to deliver a unique, "stretch and fold" solution unlike any other protective cover.

We start with a base layer of premium CR-grade neoprene, an expensive rubber material often used in high-end surfing wetsuits. Unlike cheaper grades of neoprene used for beer koozies and novelty products, CR is impermeable to water, stretchy, and very durable. We finish ours with a soft-touch nylon blend, cut it to shape, and sew the finished product using durable stitching and flat seams for maximum comfort next to your skin. Finally, we add Spandex edging to each end for durability and product longevity. This combination of cushion, stretchiness and softness creates the perfect impact and scratch protection layer for your device.

Next up, our ultra-thin TPE layer is a water-shedding specialist! Super thin and adding virtually zero weight, this super-stretch polymer is water impermeable and  hugs your device like a second skin to shield against mud and moisture. 

Both materials are latex-free, washable and reusable.

Next time, don't leave your favorite technology behind! Pick up a Mudbandz today and track ALL your steps, even the muddy ones!

NOT suitable for swimming or diving. Edges are folded around the device, not sealed.

Proven in major mud runs including Spartan Race, Tough Mudder, and Warrior Dash. Over 2,700 sold worldwide. 4.5 customer rating on Amazon.


What's in the Box?

1 soft, cushiony neoprene band (black)

1 stretchy TPE band (orange or black)

Detailed instructions


No Risk - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!